Amaury Sport Organisation is a company that owns, designs and organises top international sporting events that remain true to the values of sport. Its internal expertise covers the entire range of activities required to organise and market sporting competitions and guarantee their coverage in the media.
For its annual 80 events totalling 250 days of competition, A.S.O. adopts an environmentally responsible and community-based approach to organisation that also adheres to rigorous safety procedures. Amaury Sport Organisation is a subsidiary of Editions Philippe Amaury (EPA), a press group that owns the L'Equipe newspaper.


  • Commitment

    A.S.O.’s event organisation teams devote maximum effort to deliver their very best.

  • Passion

    this goes hand in hand with sport, and is an integral part of an organisation that prides itself on its understanding of both athletes and spectators.

  • Responsibility

    involves constantly developing new environmentally friendly and community-minded solutions, as well as rigorous safety procedures.

  • Excellence

    A.S.O. teams strive for excellence by constantly reviewing and improving their organisational procedures.