Jean Van de Velde : new Director of the Alstom French Open

Amaury Sport Organisation and the French Golf Federation, through their joint subsidiary FFGolf Production, are pleased to announce the appointment of Jean Van de Velde to the position of Director of the Alstom French Open. Absent from the fairways for the last two years after a brilliant career, the man from the Landes area of France has since been very involved with the main players in French golf. Successively ambassador for the application to host the Ryder Cup 2018 at the National Golf Course in Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, then for the Alstom French Open, in 2011 Jean Van de Velde was also given the mission by ffgolf of mentoring young up-and-coming French golfers playing on the main professional circuits.

Very active behind the scenes in recent months, he will therefore be even busier during the next few weeks. Jean Van de Velde is a charismatic golfer who played in Europe and theUSAduring a career that saw him take part in the Ryder Cup in 1999 as well as several grand slam events and is a sportsman of international renown. This added value did not go unnoticed by the directors of Amaury Sport Organisation and the French Golf Federation who chose to bank on him to enable the Alstom French Open to reach a new level.


This is a particularly exciting challenge that Jean Van de Velde will be committed to meeting with success, a means of giving back to French golf all that it offered him over the last few years and contributing to developing our sport. From 5thto 8thJuly, the dates of the Alstom French Open, it is very likely that Jean Van de Velde will feel a twinge of sadness at not teeing off with the others players. However, the increasingly popular success of the event should provide him with other great pleasures… a different type of victory, but equally as important.