Boosting event potential

  • Boutique de l'Astom Open de France

    Alstom Open de France store

  • Boutique du Marathon de Paris

    Paris Marathon store

  • Boutique du Tour de France

    Tour de France store

  • Vente itinérante sur le Tour de France

    Merchandise vendor on the Tour de France

25 million spectators come to watch events organised by A.S.O. Our event stores and licences granted worldwide give fans the chance to keep the event alive along with the memories of the champions they admire so much.

Contact: Frédéric Viargues

  • 2 millions spin-off products sold worldwide
  • 70 licence holders for our brands across the world
  • 1 000 different products for our brands sold every year
  • 100 000 customers buy our products on the Tour de France route